Leading the Way to the Top

NCS continues to show leadership in the PNG businesses community in the way it which it trains and develops staff – very importantly this leadership also includes the training and development of female staff.

NCS staff from all over the country, including many female staff, have recently been enrolled in three different high quality management and leadership themed programs which will be of great benefit to their career prospects as well as to NCS’ ability to maintain its position as PNG’s leading catering and camp management company.

Advanced Diploma in Management

  • Ruth Gades (Malahang, Lae)
  • Joyce Balamus (Malahang, Lae)
  • Marian Naime (Malahang, Lae)Miriam Arua (Hidden Valley)  

Cert IV Frontline Management

  • Casper Auro (Wafi)
  • Jocksy Muto (Kainantu)
  • Peter Mondo (Kurumbukari)
  • Freddy Mera (Basamuk)
  • Raphael Vanak (Lae)
  • Dianne Bailon (Hides)
  • Richard Sivu (PNGDF)
  • John Hosea (Hidden Valley)
  • Norman Cliff (Wafi)
  • John Robin (Lae)
  • Collin Baim (Kurumbukari)
  • Nonia Abbai (Kainantu)
  • Miriam Arua (Hidden Valley)
  • Kagowe Yandi (PNGDF)
  • Carl Mou (Hides)
  • Heseda Morea (EPC3)

Certificate IV Leadership & Management

  • Talita Dobbin (Holdings-Pronto)
  • Philomena Reu (Holdings-SHE, POM)
  • Violet Aopi (Holdings-HR, POM)
  • Anastasia Warpit (Holdings-Accounts, Lae)
  • Delvine Balson (Holdings-Catering, Lae)
  • Dapema Levi (Hidden Valley-HR)
  • Rachel Obert (Lihir-HR)
  • Theresia Atsabeh (Lihir-Procurement)
  • Karen Tobisa (Holdings-HR)
  • Lenna Wangi (Holdings-Functions)
  • Joyce Ikavape (PNGDF)

The Certificate IV Leadership and Management program is a new competency-based accredited training course designed with PNG businesses to develop leadership and management skills of high potential women. Developed by the Business Coalition for Women (of which NCS is a foundation member, with its Managing Director, John Gethin-Jones represented on the Board) in collaboration with WING Education, the course targets emerging female talent serving in or preparing for their first management roles. NCS Group Training Manager, Brad Harris described this particular course as an “integral part of NCS’ strategy for the advancement of female employees in our work force.” Although NCS has achieved good gender diversity results in the number of women it employs, as well as the diverse and often non-traditional roles these women hold, it does recognise the need for more women at the top. It’s therefore ideal that PNG now has a leadership and management training program to specifically assist women make their way to the most senior levels that NCS can take advantage of.

1015 leading

Ruth Gades (HR Coordinator – NCS Lae) will benefit from NCS supporting her enrolment in an Advanced Diploma in HR and the company will benefit from having yet another more highly skilled HR professional.