International Experts

Now in its 22nd year of operation, with sites all over PNG, plenty of experience feeding customers from around the world, and top quality international food training programs, NCS catering staff have mastered a diversity of international cuisines. Not only is this mastery appreciated by clients in our messes – with internationally themed food events always popular (e.g., Thai, Mexican, Chinese, American) – but it also appreciated when NCS provides more high-end catering at VIP functions and special events. On Lihir, for example, catering staff’s sushi making skills were put to the test at the annual Orchid Ball.

“Special events – especially those with an international flavour – are obviously a lot of work for our catering team, however, staff really enjoy them as they get to use their full range of skills and do something more creative, challenging and exciting than the day-to-day basics” says NCS Lihir Project Manager Alan Bloxwich. “Our chefs in particular are highly trained to international standards and they love to show off their skills.”

1015 sushi

Kitchen Hand Tony Sumati lining up some fabulous fresh sushi for the Lihir Orchid Ball.