Organisation & Associated Businesses

Commencing as a small, single-site business to service the Lihir Gold Mine’s start-up operations in 1993, NCS (initially known as Niolam Catering Services) has steadily grown into PNG’s largest and most successful business of its kind. With multiple sites, additional business ownership and joint venture arrangements, NCS’s success has been the pride of the Anitua Group of which it is a part.

NCS Holdings Limited – Part of the Anitua Group

NCS is one of the key foundation businesses of the Anitua Group which was established on Lihir Island in 1989 under the name ‘Lakaka Limited’. The Anitua Group comprises numerous other successful businesses providing diverse services including mine support, drilling, construction, security, retail, IT and systems, and investments.

Anitua represents and works with the people of Lihir in developing sustainable businesses and operations that support the communities and economic growth of PNG. Find out more about Anitua by visiting the Anitua website.

NCS Board of Directors

  • Ben Misren – Director
  • Mark Soipang – Director
  • James Saet – Director
  • Clement Moson – Director
  • Patrick Labongis – Director
  • Philip Pasap – Director
  • Lucas Chee – Director
  • Colin Vale – Executive Director Anitua Group of Companies
  • Marcus Gosling – Non-Executive Director NCS Group of Companies
  • John Gethin-Jones – Managing Director NCS Group of Companies

NCS Businesses

  • NCS Holdings Limited
  • NCS Lihir Limited
  • NCS Morobe Limited
  • NCS PNGDF Limited
  • NCS Kainantu Limited
  • NCS Hidden Valley Limited
  • NCS Raibus Limited

NCS Sustainable Businesses – Fresh Food Depots

  • Kumul Fresh Foods Limited
  • Wau Fresh Produce
  • NCS Farms

The Alliance Management Group

  • The Alliance Group
  • Hides Alliance Group
  • Laba Alliance Group