NCS Code of Conduct Policy

NCS has a reputation for integrity and fairness in all our dealings whether it be with our employees, partners, suppliers, clients or customers. Maintaining our reputation is essential to our ongoing success but maintaining our reputation can be easily impacted by our decisions & actions.

The Code of Conduct outlines our policies in relation to the standards of conduct expected from all NCS employees.

We believe that Honesty is the Best policy and that we will be successful through honesty, sound performance, uniqueness, safe work practices and industry competitiveness.

During your normal course of business there will be times when you will need to consider your actions against the NCS Values. Some of these instances may include:

Employment of prospective employees including relatives or wantoks

All employees are subject to the standard NCS recruitment policies & procedures

Payments or bribes

Under NO circumstances must the offer of money or gifts be made or accepted – influencing decisions by the payment of bribes is wrong

Promises made without authority

You should never place yourself in a position of compromise by promising something you cannot deliver

Outside activities of employees

NCS employees must not allow circumstances outside of their employment to influence their work

Conflict of Interest

NCS employees must not engage in activities that may involve a conflict of interest with that of NCS business.