Gender Equality

NCS is a champion of Gender Equality and an employer of choice for women in PNG. Our 650+ female employees comprise more than 50 percent of our workforce. You will find women at all levels within NCS; on each of our 30 operations scattered throughout the country; and performing all types of jobs (including roles traditionally held by men).

Policies which support our commitment to Gender Equality:

  • Workplace Harassment
  • Professional Development
  • Family & Sexual Violence

Our recent Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) certification is further evidence of our commitment to Gender Equality. EDGE Certification is the leading global assessment methodology and business certification standard for gender equality. EDGE Certification has been designed to help organisations not only create an optimal workplace for women and men, but also benefit from it.

NCS is the only company in PNG to undergo EDGE certification - It is also the only company in the entire Pacific. This is nothing short of remarkable given the rigour of the auditing and certification process and the fact that NCS is a 100 percent PNG landowner company, not a big-brand, multi-million dollar global entity like most of the other EDGE companies (e.g., Allianz, Ikea, Loreal, Marriott, Pfizer, Roche, Zurich Insurance). It’s easy to see why the Swiss based EDGE team has described NCS’s achievements as “trailblazing”.

In addition to committing to Gender Equality in our own business, NCS is committed to helping other businesses move towards Gender Equality. Through board and working group representation on the PNG Business Coalition for Women, NCS is playing a central role in developing and promoting Gender Equality resources for the PNG business community.


John Gethin-Jones, Previous Managing Director of NCS and now current Executive Officer of parent company Anitua.

“I could see how initiatives such as flexible working conditions and equal pay leave policies would really help our female staff in particular, and that while PNG society was heavily skewed towards benefiting males, at least in the workplace our staff would be equal. The ‘bonus’ is that as a business we have benefited from having a more productive, engaged, loyal and skilled team. Gender equality is without a doubt in my mind a ‘win-win’ situation both for our staff and for our business.”

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Socially responsible

NCS understands that being a successful company is more than just a healthy balance sheet. It’s also about giving back to the community and recognising that healthy, prosperous communities are good business. NCS has always been about benefiting communities, but has recently embarked upon a more structured approach to demonstrating corporate social responsibility.

NCS's parent company, Anitua, is a long time supporter and sponsor of a variety of good causes, community events, and sporting endeavours as well as a particularly generous patron of the Red Cross.

Some of Anitua's programs include:

  • Youth work experience programs
  • Natural disaster emergency relief and response activities
  • Localisation programs which employ local landowners and provide them with some of the country's best training and development opportunities
  • Sporting team and event sponsorships
  • Women's development and infant health initiatives
  • Employee programs
  • Sustainable joint venture projects including fresh food, livestock and seafood production to assist local landowners in becoming self-reliant and financially independent.

Some specific programs supported by subsidiary NCS include the Cheshire Home for people with special needs, the Claire Haus Crisis Centre for babies and children, the Hohola Youth development Centre, as well as the Irugu Mother of Life Centre orphanage in Simbu.

Elimination of Violence Against Women

Spearheading NCS's Corporate Social Responsibility program and in accord with our vision for healthy, prosperous and sustainable communities in which we operate, is our Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) Program. A comprehensive and group-wide approach to eliminating violence against women.

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Elimination of Violence Against Women

Spearheading Anitua’s Corporate Social Responsibility program and in accord with our vision for healthy, prosperous and sustainable communities in which we operate, is our Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) Program. A comprehensive and group-wide approach to eliminating violence against women.

The Anitua Group officially launched its EVAW Program in 2013 on White Ribbon Day – the international day of action calling for the end to violence against women throughout PNG in five ways:

  1. Championing and committing to fund the construction of a Meri Seif Haus (women’s refuge) on Lihir, the company’s birthplace. 
    The Meri Seif Haus will provide emergency accommodation and support services to women and their children.
  2. Implementing the International White Ribbon Workplace Program throughout its businesses across PNG. 
    Our workplaces will be safer for female employees and more supportive of those who suffer violence.
  3. Lobbying other businesses and the mining industry to introduce their own EVAW initiatives. 
    There are many arguments for why businesses must play a role in eliminating violence against women, including humanitarian, legal, workplace safety, productivity and business costs.
  4. Keeping the problem of violence against women in the public eye through a variety of media, activities and events. 
    Anitua believes that violence against women is not a private matter but a public one as EVERYONE, including children, families, communities, and businesses all suffer when women are hurt.
  5. Assisting other businesses to introduce EVAW initiatives through the World Bank-IFC sponsored Business Coalition for Women.
    Anitua and NCS are Foundation Members and we are represented on the Board as well as on the  ‘Addressing Violence’ and ‘Gender Smart Policies’ working groups.


Our EVAW program has done much to address violence against women throughout PNG as the following milestones attest.


  • Anitua and NCS sponsor Family Sexual Violence Action Committee (FSVAC) gender violence counselling training on Lihir. Thirteen of our staff including Safety, HR and Training managers attend the training.
  • NCS participates in World Bank IFC ‘Gender Smart Policy’ research
  • Newcrest Mining Ltd commit to partnering with Anitua to establish a range of integrated family and gender violence services on Lihir
  • NCS MD gives keynote presentation on ‘Integrating Women in the Workforce: Violence is a Barrier’ at the Australia PNG Business Forum and Trade Expo in Cairns
  • Anitua and NCS sponsor the 2nd Lihir Ailan Haus Krai at which 1,000 people (including 300 of our staff and managers) marched to protest violence against women. Also marching, were VIP guests Lady Winifred Kamit and World Bank IFC Senior Gender Specialist Amy Luinstra
  • Anitua and NCS implement White Ribbon Stage 1 Survey across each of their workplaces throughout PNG
  • Newcrest Mining Ltd complete the initial land survey for a Meri Seif Haus on Lihir
  • NCS Group HR Manager elected to Business Coalition for Women ‘Gender Smart Policies’ Working Group
  • Anitua EVAW Program Manager elected to Business Coalition for Women Board and ‘Addressing Violence’ Working Group Chairperson
  • Anitua and NCS appointed as Foundation Members of the World Bank IFC sponsored Business Coalition for Women


  • Anitua Board votes unanimously to introduce workplace policies to address EVAW
  • Anitua Board votes unanimously to fund the construction of a Meri Seif Haus on Lihir
  • White Ribbon Day events take place at each Anitua and NCS workplace throughout PNG
  • Anitua launches its EVAW program on White Ribbon Day
  • Anitua ED introduces EVAW as a work  place safety issue in his opening speech at the Annual Anitua Safety Awards
  • Anitua officially signs up for the White Ribbon Workplace Program – the first and only business in PNG to do so
  • Anitua supports and emcees the first fundraiser event for the Lihir Meri Seif Haus
  • Anitua lobbies for a Meri Seif Haus (women’s refuge) on Lihir
  • Anitua and NCS sponsor the National Haus Krai on Lihir

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