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NCS is part of the Anitua group.
Providing complete end-to-end 

Our Approach

It’s our approach to challenges that makes a difference

Successful camp management and catering operations in often challenging and remote locations, requires a different way of thinking.

A way of thinking that embraces the local people, their cultures and their environments. A way of thinking that empowers people with a shared vision, a sense of purpose and a committed passion.

Our thinking is driven not only by our goal of sustainable solutions, but also by our commitment to delivering world’s best practice.

Safety, training and customer care are critical to the success of our approach.

Our experienced teams bring proven knowledge and skills to deliver consistently high standards across all areas of camp management and catering. It’s a level of experience that is unmatched in Papua New Guinea.

A personalised way of doing business

What makes our approach unique is the way in which we work with our customers. Building strong relationships based on respect, shared knowledge and ongoing support.

It’s the NCS way, our personalised way of doing business, bringing together the best aspects of partnership, support, smart thinking and diversity of experience. Meeting the Challenge – Every Day