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NCS is part of the Anitua group.
Providing complete end-to-end 


Our EVAW program has done much to address violence against women throughout PNG as the following milestones attest.


  • Anitua and NCS sponsor Family Sexual Violence Action Committee (FSVAC) gender violence counselling training on Lihir. Thirteen of our staff including Safety, HR and Training managers attend the training.
  • NCS participates in World Bank IFC ‘Gender Smart Policy’ research
  • Newcrest Mining Ltd commit to partnering with Anitua to establish a range of integrated family and gender violence services on Lihir
  • NCS MD gives keynote presentation on ‘Integrating Women in the Workforce: Violence is a Barrier’ at the Australia PNG Business Forum and Trade Expo in Cairns
  • Anitua and NCS sponsor the 2nd Lihir Ailan Haus Krai at which 1,000 people (including 300 of our staff and managers) marched to protest violence against women. Also marching, were VIP guests Lady Winifred Kamit and World Bank IFC Senior Gender Specialist Amy Luinstra
  • Anitua and NCS implement White Ribbon Stage 1 Survey across each of their workplaces throughout PNG
  • Newcrest Mining Ltd complete the initial land survey for a Meri Seif Haus on Lihir
  • NCS Group HR Manager elected to Business Coalition for Women ‘Gender Smart Policies’ Working Group
  • Anitua EVAW Program Manager elected to Business Coalition for Women Board and ‘Addressing Violence’ Working Group Chairperson
  • Anitua and NCS appointed as Foundation Members of the World Bank IFC sponsored Business Coalition for Women


  • Anitua Board votes unanimously to introduce workplace policies to address EVAW
  • Anitua Board votes unanimously to fund the construction of a Meri Seif Haus on Lihir
  • White Ribbon Day events take place at each Anitua and NCS workplace throughout PNG
  • Anitua launches its EVAW program on White Ribbon Day
  • Anitua ED introduces EVAW as a work  place safety issue in his opening speech at the Annual Anitua Safety Awards
  • Anitua officially signs up for the White Ribbon Workplace Program – the first and only business in PNG to do so
  • Anitua supports and emcees the first fundraiser event for the Lihir Meri Seif Haus
  • Anitua lobbies for a Meri Seif Haus (women’s refuge) on Lihir
  • Anitua and NCS sponsor the National Haus Krai on Lihir