Food Preparation & Service

NCS prides itself on providing fresh, nutritious and flavoursome food appropriate to your needs and the needs of your people. Every day NCS prepares and serves more than 60,000 camp meals – that’s nearly 22 million meals every year!

While camp catering is our core catering line we are also busy with corporate and VIP functions ranging from multi-course State banquets for hundreds of guests to more intimate cocktail parties. We also look after many more happy customers in restaurant and café settings.

Our commitment to quality and food safety flows throughout NCS and is the cornerstone of our success. We have a team of food experts including nutritionists, dieticians, and food safety technologists and auditors to ensure that we consistently meet the most stringent food preparation and handling standards as well as provide great tasting and healthy food.

Our highly experienced chefs come from all over the world to tantalise our customers’ taste buds as well as share their recipes and techniques with our national staff. As with all staff, our chefs are very well trained. Our partnership with Australia’s William Angliss Catering College ensures that all chef training, including our Chef Apprentice program, is of top quality.