For most organisations in Papua New Guinea, good security is a critical requirement for operational success and organisational survival. Our parent company Anitua is able to provide you with numerous security services through another of its businesses – Anitua Security Services Ltd. With 20 years of experience in the industry and a long-term relationship with NCS, Anitua Security Services ensure that our projects are fully secure, as will be your people. Their security services include:

  • Security control room monitored facilities
  • Patrols & electronic surveillance
  • Secure transport & banking services
  • Payrolls & valuables
  • Armed escorts & staff transfers
  • Vehicle tracking technology
  • Static guards
  • Guard dogs & handlers
  • Electronic alarms & 24hr alarm monitoring
  • CCTV & remote monitoring
  • Monitoring of medical alarms
  • Investigations
  • Complimentary security assessments

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Not only will you, your operations, and your people be kept secure by Anitua Security Services but also by the wealth of experience and expertise of the NCS team. For 20 years we have worked throughout PNG with people from different clans with different customs and beliefs. Our team includes specialist Human Resources and Industrial Relations experts who deal with both customary law and the law of PNG. NCS has the skills, knowledge and sensitivity to avert problems before they escalate into security crises. In short we are able to provide both reactive and proactive security solutions.